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The theme song of my fading Cinema

The sprinklers in our garden started without any command
And give a rain of showers,
Oh! Darling the miraculous spring has come again and see the flowers of happiness in the flower beds.
‘Yes of course honey and do not forget that your birthday is nearby.
Please tell me what you want exactly? ‘ She sang in her melodious voice.
‘Just a pencil, pencil-cutter, eraser and few pastels are more than enough.
I want to draw a big check and paint it nicely, also fix a swing in the back yard
And peep to our friendly bank manager’s house next door.
Most probably the check could be cashed in a friendly manner.
Darling we could buy a house on a hill top your dream and invite our loved ones.
Oh! I realized the vast distance but they are the most proximate souls to our weeping hearts. Isn’t it?
Also I want to buy a kennel for Marco for our precious son and we give him a familiar shout, definitely he comes home from his hiding place.’

*Dedication to the composer Maurice Jarre who’s no more but I love his fruitful music (Lara’s theme) to Dr.Zhivago.

nimal dunuhinga