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The Velvet Strand

Along this cosmic filament
Flows wisdom, subconscious awareness –
From one corner of the world to another,
Differences dissolve into realization
That souls are remarkably similar;

Not just the soul, but inner physical matter
Also similar in content, color, and function –
Redness of lifeblood coursing along networks
Sustaining similar organs, similar mechanisms
Necessary for human life survival;

An ethereal velvet strand
Connects all minds – all thoughts ever thought,
Being thought, ever to be thought;
We are but receptors on the pathways
Of infinity along which they flow;

Is it any wonder that thoughts eventually coincide,
However fleeting, however distant or near,
Crossing infinite highways of mind space –
One soul reaching out and intersecting another
Along this eternal journey of life?

Consider that all exists in this one moment,
Which has already been, is now being, and has yet to be –
Then I must have known you before,
Just as I know you now,
And I have yet to know you somewhere along the velvet strand.