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Up And Away! (An Alouette Poem)

Ah! ~ see them whirl ’round
ne’er touch sky nor ground
as the wind twirls hair of floss
’round and ’round they turn
hands now twine and yearn
jewelry for ring finger’s gloss.

Down and up so far
they stretch to their star.
Cupid beams on wings above
love drips from cloud nine
drops near waves of brine
to whoopee vows of their love.

Here on their first date
they turned on their fate
smiles laughed as they tried to kiss.
Now up and away
wind blows red bouquet
to bounce beetroot sun of bliss.

Look! they loop the loop
to glide, rise and swoop.
Their head, heart and body reels.
“They’ve eloped” we sing
my child twists her ring
we know love turns ferris wheels~~

Karin Anderson copyright 2010

(Published Sketchbook March/April 2010 edition)