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I recall the snow reaching up to my knees,
Digging igloos under the overhanging drifts,
One in particular with a tunnel from the top –
All the kids and the dog would slide down
The icey tunnel and land in a snowy heap;
Clinking blades on the frozen pond,
Spinning spirals under the sparkling snowflakes
Reflected off the spotlight shining like a beacon
From the roof of the neighbor’s house on the hill;
Hickory smoke rising from the bonfire
Holding the chill at bay and warming stinging fingers,
Waiting anxiously for that warm mug of cider
To warm frozen lips and frosty breath;
Musical voices tinkling on the crisp air –
A shrill cry from a wayward skater
Running headlong into a snowbank
With a thud, and a plume of white powder,
A wild toboggan swooshing over the hillside
Slaps the ice and dumps its cargo
In a laughing heap of arms and legs;
A chain of sleds tied together like a train
Snakes its way down the same hillside
Nearly running over the victims at the bottom;
Bright stars and the rising yellow moon
And a loud whistle off in the distance
Signals time to come home for a mug of hot soup,
A warm shower to thaw frosty fingers and toes;
Warm comforters piled high on the beds
Beckon weary, red nosed children to climb in,
Snuggle up and drift off to dreamland……………..
Tomorrow is another day.