Again and again


Hearing this senseless song for the last time, again;

Familiar melody, the lyrics, they’re sour.

Them notes shower my dreams and they mess with my brain,

Each and every sound sends me right back to her.


Heart unwilling to beat, the tempo keeps failing;

Such a pity the clock is too fast and too slow.

I tried so many times to lasso the ticking

While the Queen asked me to carry on with her show.


She stabbed me through my ears, ridiculous indeed;

Yet the lead I followed was of great conducting.

I’ve lost track anyway right when I felt the need

To make sense out of this metaphor extending.


Here I stand, soulless foul, full of questions, again.

What do I make of this, is it time to let go?

There is just so much that my loving can contain,

Deaf I was, truth be told, and little did I know.


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