Her Name was Hayley


Mindlessly minding my day
Finding comfort with a glass of Bailey’s
I think her name was Hayley, goodness

Long and beautiful hair,
very difficult not to stare
Had me thinking of sinful things
while I’m munching on chicken wings

Her smile was illuminating,
her style rejuvenating

Gave my friends that extra reason
to stick around for a while

We were planning a collision course,
gaining an endorsement

Eye contact initiated,
very little forcing, and well…

…I come closer to her,
our eyes were meeting
Dropping some bad jokes,
thinking “what a terrible greeting”

But she giggled, liked the attempt;
that caught me off guard
Grabbing my arm, took me away
and felt a sense of satisfaction

The two of us secluded and I felt the attraction
Her body was a temple you couldn’t help but admire;
she had a silky dark skintight dress causing a fire
Walking on those black leather boots – a dame I desired

Running from harder times,
escaping to the abyss
She told me it’s hard to find
an honest man who assists

Hoping that things would change
and searching for honest assistance
I promise her a better future
with a man who listens

With a feeling of inspiration,
end up leaving the club
Rewarded for my instigation,
Hayley’s squeezing a hug

Within minutes we make our way
across the popular pubs
Reaching my place also with haste,
kicked off the shoes on the rug

Speak the language of the mental,
hunger reaches my head
Stroking her hair, gasping for air
while laying on my bed

Her body screamed for attention;
did I forget to mention
My ability to keep her guessing
made her want to kiss me
And wish to mission it to Hawaii?

God I loved her body.

Exhausted, our love-making was tremendously physical
Suddenly, one-night stand broken, damage is critical
Liquor leaks on the mental window, pleasure is minimal

The next morning rises,
we’re falling apart
Hayley regrets while getting dressed,
not knowing where to start

She’s thanking me and quite thankfully
wants to see me again
But under different circumstances,
so I fall where I stand

It ain’t a story for the faint of heart but mine was fainting
Broken heart, I wrote the part hoping that she was waiting patiently
But she came and went, the world is evil again
Just like a bum left in the cold, unbearable to withstand

Think I’m grateful? Meaningless love, eerily painful.

Victim of the curse: caring too much.
Victim of the curse: caring too much.


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