Attack Of The Roaches (Part 2)


It’s now a month later. An invitation is sent to me;
turning it down I reply, “Over my dead body!”

He tells me the roaches are gone because he called the exterminator.
I tell him, “Fine then I will see you a little later.”

I arrived to his house. He hands me a beer.
“The roaches, my friend, are gone. It’s so good to have you here!”

Drinking all that beer made me had to pee.
I lifted the toilet seat and there he was, “Sweet revenge for me!”

I can’t believe my eyes, it’s that flying cockroach!
I thought they were gone, but now it doesn’t appear so.

He then flew at me, so I swatted him with my hand.
He dodged and I missed, oh darn I almost pissed my pants!

I gotta pee, but the heck with it, so I ran for my life.
Looks like this will be a very long and scary night.

Guess I’ll go to bed, it’s not safe to walk around.
Hopefully I’ll get to sleep then in the morning I’ll skip town.

What I saw next man, this just wasn’t right.
A roach with PJS in bed yelled out, “Turn off that damn light!”

I guess it wasn’t quick enough because he suddenly flew at me.
I ducked and he missed…hmmm now where could he be?

When I catch up to him he will be good as dead.
Suddenly he appeared crawling quickly up my leg.

I ran in another room but stopped, the reason why you see;
my friend was in front of a statue praying down on bended knee.

“This house is cleansed of cockroaches, though the job was hard.”
But as he prayed, a roach bit him right there in front of the lord!

“Get the raid!” He screamed “My prayers seem unheard somehow!”
So I ran to get the spray while screaming,”Feet don’t fail me now!”

I sprayed him while saying, “Life for you is over-with!”
He wasn’t fazed, he stood there, “That’s ant spray you idiot!”

“You know you are sad and that’s just too bad,
because all you’ve done now was simply made me mad.”

I ran out of the house and my friend did to.
Two cockroaches shouted, “Don’t come back or worse things we’ll do to you!”

Putting his house up for sale cheap, someone will buy it quicker then.
The roaches have won this battle…sadly this is how it ends.


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