Life should be Fun,

lets have some of that.

You said to me, spooning in that airbnb bed.


Fun is what you want

you say

let me break it down Spongebob-Style okay?

F is for fucking without having to commit.

right after you´ll lay there, regret it a bit-

F is for friendship is all you can handle

F is for “for now” and for flickering candles.


U is for unsure but ultimately true,

U is for unforgettable moments,  and my urge to love for you

U is for us, and what we could be,

even if that is something, you don´t want to see.


N is for no one has made me feel this way,

N is for nothing will make me not want to stay,

N is for now its time to say goodbye,

even if for the whole time we both felt high.


You said it´s time to get back to reality.

Why can´t reality,

be something, with you and me.




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