Mother never was very nice.
Mother looked at me with pity in her eyes.
Mother said i was one of her mistakes.
Mother said i proved that by living through my days.
Mother never was happy, with me.
Mother saw things no one else could see.
Mother told me i would be better of dead.
Mother put a gun to my head.
Mother why wasn’t i good enough?
Mother, i used to do everything you want?
Mother, please, tell me what i had done wrong.
Mother, please, i don’t know where i belong.
Mother i know this isn’t my home,
Mother i’ve got no where to go.
Mother, sorry if i screamed too loud.
Mother, i just wanted to make you proud.
Mother, i never asked you if you loved me
Mother, i was there for you, but you left me.
Mother, you had the power to make it stop.
Mother, i loved you and all you did was do me wrong
Mother, i’m sorry if i ever made you feel pain.
But mother, you did that to me, every single day.


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