Trail of Tears


I know that I have things to look forward to.
There is no since in walking around being blue.
I know this for a fact and it is surely true.
And moments like these are only but a few.


I have made an assessment on what needs to be done.
This ain’t nothing new and I’m not the only one.
To tear down the walls and overcome my fears.
And to leave behind me this trail of tears.


I will be very selective about anyone’s advice.
I know they’re thoughtful and trying to be nice.
But they have never walked a mile in my shoes.
And they have never known about singing my blues.


Everybody’s different with a different story to tell.
My story is not something that I am trying to sell.
It’s just the life I’ve been living for all these years.
And I will be walking tall beyond this trail of tears.

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