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Birth of Wisdom

Wise men learn from the mistakes of others;
Only from the mistakes men learn true lessons!
By knowledge men may become intelligent,
But only by experience men become wise!

Memories of the past experiences only help one
To take wise decisions for the future course of actions;
That’s why, ‘failures are the stepping stones to success’!
Also, ‘sweet are the uses of adversities’ in the world life!

Experiences in life or profession make men mature
To face and solve problems successfully in the world.
Bitter experiences are the path towards wisdom
Which is not always a bed of roses in life, know!

Experiences in life are the bitter medicine to consume
That helps to cure the disease of illusion in the world
And gives the health of wisdom to overcome woes
And the boldness to solve problems well in life later!

Horrible experiences during the times of forest fires,
Floods and famines unimaginable are impossible to forget!
Horrible experiences during volcanic eruptions, earth quakes
And cyclonic storms are impossible to forget too in life!

Horrible experiences during wars, violent agitations and
Flare up of fire in the towns are impossible to forget in life!
By experiences only the rigours of agony can be realised;
No relief, recovery and rehabilitations can compensate the loss!

Are the havocs of Nature in the world impossible to win over?
Yes! Fate or Nature is the invincible force, nobody can fight!
The lessons experiences teach men are real and true knowledge
That helps later on well to anyone at any situation in life!

Attachment to properties or people lead to disillusionment;
What apparently looks to be real is actually illusion in life;
What looks to be an illusion is a reality, impossible to believe!
So, love, knowledge, faith and talent only help after havocs!

For individuals and nations experiences teach the same truth!
Devastations of world wars reduced Japan and Germany to rubbles!
Those nations used knowledge and talents in their hard works;
Now they are one among the developed countries in the world!

Volcanic eruptions, floods and typhoons are affecting some countries
And they are also sustaining by faith, unity, love and knowledge!
Experiences of sufferings and difficulties give true knowledge
That only helps to have a system called culture to live life well!

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