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What ever


Whatever we do and dreams, Whatever we give and takes
Self doing is not in dreams, We give and don’t expects in return

Whatever face on and off, Whatever hidden inside
We see just a facial but what behind we will never can be know!

Whatever our birth and religions, Where else our parent from and our motherland
We all drop down from our mother panties and thank you, for the creation, on this great land but why! we fights toward each other and kills!

Whatever that me and my behaver, Whatever big and strong
Nothing can be change and showing off, cos we’re all greeds and selfish being

Am nice and have to much, ever empty word and charity
Gorgeously, but greeds for more, Sound so nice and kind no way no profits!

Whatever person and attitude, Whatever racial and country
People is good truly all human is ugly being, We proud of our origins reality Riches are thefts and robbers

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