Bitching in Rhymes


Let there be night, finally, for today overflowed. 

Gracious dusk, indulge me, walk me down forget road.

Morpheus did get bored with that bedtime story

And argued the sandman into unfriending me.


Can some pills do the job, override the restraints?

I took ten in a row to free my dreams in chains.

Guilty I, took no time to read the instructions;

Side effects striking hard, self imposed destruction.

No song can lull me back to when times were easy,

When I needed nothing and won effortlessly

At this game we call life whose rules I just ignored.

That’s how I piled the faults and set a world record…

Wait a minute, what am I writing here? This is not who I am, this ain’t me…

This is not poetry, this is bitching in rhymes,

My brain, smart enemy, brought me there oftentimes;

My questions, loud burden, tried to stifle my heart;

An inside job indeed, should have known from the start.


Time has come for my pen to reach its potential,

Write a better story, it has the credentials;

Turn the back on what “is” and its complexity,

Life changing equation simplified thoroughly.


The thoughts are clearing up, at last I understand,

Never needed no pill, the answer was at hand.

I will make a pillow out of this reasoning

For you see, all it took, was to stop complaining.


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