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Easter Sunday

(this poem was written on one Easter Sunday, under inspiration of Christ and hence I retained the original name ‘Easter Sunday’)

In the life Journey
We the travellers and passers-by
Pass-by things and time
Pass away into nothingness
Having achieved nothingness
When we pass-by during the journey

None who passes away
Shall be risen back
Except He be with the Lord
At all times and space
Except He be the Lord
At all times and space

Mankind has seen
Only One instance
After being put down
The Lord Coming Back
In the same Name
And in the same Form

Known as the Christ
Meaning the Supreme Master
Supreme indeed and Supreme is He
In his Suffering and Sacrifice
Supreme indeed in his laying down His life
Supreme indeed in his resurrection too

The Good Friday
And the Easter Sunday
Shall be our guiding force
And shall be our binding force
Shall be our Cape of Good Hope
And shall be the Pole Star of our life.

Amen! Om Tat Sat!!

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