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If I could look into your eyes, I would tell you how I feel.
If I could look into your eyes, you would see that I’m for real.


If I could look into your eyes, you would see I adore you most.
If I could look into your eyes, at the same time I’d hold you close.


My heart is a lock, but my darling, you are the key.
I admire you so much. Oh the things you do to me!


Tell me what you want. Your wish is my command.
When the chips are down, by your side is where I’ll stand.


I don’t care about your present. I don’t care about your past.
All I want is a chance to be with you is all I ask.


I watch you from a distance. I desire your affection,
but when you look my way I have to look in another direction.


I try to gather my thoughts. I try to make a way;
but when I see you, I loose control. I don’t know what to say.


How could I come across to get my point of view?
I wonder if you even know that I have a crush on you.


I adore everything you do. I cherish everything that you say.
You make me blush, smile, laugh, and sing…you surely make my day!


My whole day could be bad. I could be sad and blue,
but you change it all just by simply looking at you.


Come here my little cutie. Being with you is my only wish.
Closer my little cutie. Your loving affection I can’t miss.


Stay with me my cutie. Just one look takes me higher.
You’re my everything. My heart, soul and my desire.

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  1. Nice Jarid. Like song lyrics, which is my favorite form of words.

  2. A truly intricate ballad, bro 🙂 you sure have a way of serenading your audience – a master of your craft!

  3. I agree with the comments, sounds like a romantic ballad from the past. And that my friend, I like very much.

  4. This has your signature all over it!
    Another mesmerizing love poem.

    Well done, my friend!

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