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haha definitely R rated

ha schemez of a silver screen queen that screamz everytime a king givez her his cream, got a delivery to make, on her tiddiez or her face or inbetween break away lingerie thatz made of lace, just wanting a taste turned into all the love we made, an embrace that lasted dayz, drawing heartz on a page with our namez inside, her bedz the page and the penz her thighz, we pretend we’re flamez and try match all the shapez they make with our bodiez az we move the same way, a queen and a king having fiery fun, hot az fuk yo, hotter than the sun, then lay there engaged in delayed foreplay when we’re all done, and just watch the smoke fade

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  1. Bars, on Bars, on Bars!

    Your wordplay is always so stellar.
    I love it! 💯

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