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Ahem, THIS is not a poem, simply put.

Oh, children. Back when poetfreak was not a name we cherished,
But the actual THING itself,
When this was not a prototype of all we’d loved,
And that dear playground none could leave,
It was free for all players,
We would comment as we liked,
Yet nary chatbox beckoned users,
Nor did folk post and wait for readers,
We ALL played and traded comments, it was not a soulless game.
There was no moniter below saying who was present
We just were, and many too at that.

Now we’ve the ghost of bygone days tricked out suit most appetites.
But what we truly loved is…Dead.
And we all know.

I’d finish with Ciao, but I’m not leaving, I just never have an appetite to hang out here.
Haha, don’t mind me: I’ve been living in a colourless world since early 2016 when my best friend gave up the ghost.


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  1. This website seems pretty chill to me. I’m not always on here, but I’ve received nothing but love even though the content I share is pretty far out. There’s a lot of talented artists in here – including yourself, and I think it’s fun reading what everyone has to share. I may not always comment but I do read what everyone shares and enjoy a lot of it!

    • Indeed it is. Which is why we cherished the original. I’ve never been one to embrace change, especially if I didn’t ask for alterations, and looking down the main page, some of whose posts were downright stale, I couldn’t help wishing for the former’s liveliness. That lies with us, though. Thus I’m hanging out here and commenting down the main page, glad I met you!

      • I share your exact sentiment. Just a couple years ago I got into writing music/poetry, and found this awesome website called PoetryWall. The community was tight and we all had interesting minds. It was sometime around January when the website just shut down. I agree that whatever chnage happened here – it probably wasn’t for the better. But at least there seems to be a strong community amongst some of the members here. Glad I met you too, you’re very friendly!

  2. *shrugs*

    I enjoy the interaction I receive.
    I’ve made some lifelong friend’s.
    I’ve shared.
    I’ve learned.
    I’m no worse off, than when I started.

    All in all – I appreciate this site, those running it, & everyone that’s shown love for my word’s.

    Thank you!

  3. Most of what I write here is dashed off, with little editing. It’s a sort of a therapy. I sense a certain desperation here, a deep need to share with others of like mind. I keep hearing about “the old poetfreak” and can’t help thinking who cares? These collection of words will fade away like smoke, but the love and support that’s given, and hopefully constructive criticism as well is just good by itself. It will not shake the foundations of literature. As my old fart mentor likes to say: “Even the Sphinx couldn’t keep here nose”.

  4. I don’t know about the old site being that I only discovered Poetfreak this past year, but I’m happy that some have read my stuff and posted comments. I’ve read some great poems and have tried to reciprocate. Sorry if I’m not to up on following but I will try my best to respond to any comments and try to comment on other’s work. There seems to be a lot of good people on this site and I’m glad that I’ve made some form of communication with them.

  5. I was a devout user of the old poetfreak from 2013 until i deleted my account in poetfreaks last days I mean up for hours into the night talking with my small group of friends and had accumulated over 2000 poems over two accounts by the time poetfreak went down. And yes i appreciate this site it got me back into poetry but it’s not the same The group of people that i had once had are gone, the constant new poems are gone and then need to struggle to keep a poem up and to get me to write more is gone. It’s really just like a disturbing shell of what we once had flaws and all But i don’t feel like i can leave until i finish what i started regardless of all of these unessassary changes I miss the charmingly simplistic old site regardless of all of it’s other issues

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