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That Distant Figure

Out of body, and given wholly to mind

A nexus for life and time to bind

Again that distant figure walks away


So many times

Yes so many I’ve given chase

Only so that it may increase its haste


But now my being here I lay

I stay until it finally fades


And I’ll pursue no more.


Was I ever meant to catch it?

Who knows?

Yet still this figure comes and goes.


Neither looking nor speaking

It invites me not.

And I’ve cast it entirely out of thought.

Or so I say.


Tediously marching in endless space

It once seemed to have a familiar face

Though the eyes were always blank and empty.


Why then do I still wonder?

Where It may lead me if I follow

This silent figure with eyes so hollow.





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  1. Loved all of this!

    However my favorite stanza was;

    “But now my being here I lay

    I stay until it finally fades


    And I’ll pursue no more.”


    • Thanks Jerome! I like that line too, really seems to drive in the point of not wanting to chase this thing that doesn’t want to be caught!

  2. Damn, Rome and I clearly think alike – that aforementioned line was my favorite as well 🙂 Beyond fire here, man. Thanks for sharing this gem – solid stuff indeed!

    • Thank you Cyrus! That line does seem to serve as the center piece for this poem doesn’t it!

  3. NB NB

    besides the fact that it’s awesome, I love how it’s easy to recognize your musical influences in this – the choice of words, and such a dark feeling to it – it’s impossible not to notice your metal roots.. but it’s got way more than that.. truly great piece, & definitely one of your best

    • Thank you Nebojsa! That’s awesome that my love of metal shows in my poetry! I had actually worried that my words were too distant from the genre. Kind of a mix of experiences between dreams and reality in this.

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