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Don’t Stray too Far

You can leave now, you can go

Venture out and go see the show

Yeah stay out late and into the night

As a moth flying towards the bright lights



I’ll be here waiting

I’ll be here waiting


Go ahead now stroll the fairway, don’t you stop

Why not take a look, take a peek under the big top

Wonder at the big cats and laugh at all the clowns

Buy that ticket and go ride the merry-go-round and around



I’ll be here waiting

I’ll be here waiting

Because when all is said and done

There’s truly nothing new under the sun

And never would I ever force you to stay

You’ll just have to find your own way…



So run off, greet the night, no hesitation go

Go out and get your fill, see the whole show

Only keep me in mind and keep my number handy

You see it’s not all balloons, caramel and cotton candy



I won’t always be waiting

I won’t always be waiting

Because there’s only actors playing in a role

Most are just out to steal your soul

Yes you can leave the path, just don’t stray too far

You may not be able to come back to what you are



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