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One Day (Maybe)


One day

Regardless of race

Regardless of color

Everyone can raise a glass

Propose a toast to one another



One day

With minds no longer in the gutter

We can cherish each other’s company

Fellow sisters

Fellow brothers



One day

When the spirit’s true

And the flesh willing

Mankind will no longer be conscious of

The mechanics of killing



One day


Maybe one day

Just not in this lifetime. O.K?

Cos I want to drown out all you say

Board is set now yet I don’t ‘wanna play


Maybe one day

I can put this jealousy away

Cos am I a liar when I pray?

I’m like a tooth rotting with decay


Yeah maybe one day

I’ll get over this self hate

I can accept what’s on my plate

And realize the hand of fate…

has been rather fair to me


One day

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    • Thanks for reading. Don’t think that any complete peace or understanding is feasible in this world, but here’s to hoping for something & pointing out my own short comings as well. Thanks again, appreciate it.

  1. Eli Eli

    This one flows nicely down the page and leaves the reader with a lot to ponder.

    • Thanks Eli, thanks for looking in to that, it leaves me with a lot to ponder as well. Appreciate you reading.

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