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Music Therapy

I tune in then tune out

Let it melt in melodies 

These sound wave wash away my troubles

As they crash

Through the tension in the air

Life without a care

Chillin for the moment 

Control is in my hands now

I’m the king hands down

Got a grip and I ain’t lettin it slip

Got a chip on my shoulda 

But I swallow that and take a sip of my soda

Ain’t chasing a quota 

Ain’t chasing a quarter

Ain’t chasing nothin beyond my minds borders 

Could care less about the outside

Good or bad

I can’t control that

I can control this

Mind shift switch


A little bass is better

It fills the emptiness in my heart

The deep hum

Accompanied by drums

Who needs the sun

Who needs eyes 

I’ve got ears

My heart and my mind

Never Mind

We’ll talk again at a better time



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