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What I Celebrate

Anonymous One,
while it’s true that in You
we live, we are immortal, blessed,
in this world the remarkable are few,
only the few can be the best.
Only the few can rise above
the muck and mire of repetitive tasks,
can do what they do with passionate love,
can turn the garbage of everyday
into a thing of beauty; a single story
in a million maybe partakes of glory.
For every moment or act of grace
a thousand human movements are what they are,
orbitings without the light of a star,
movements that leave no impression or trace.
While in You, it’s true, there’s no applause
nor big nor small nor high nor low,
in this world it’ll never be so:
distinction will remain – and copyright laws.
I celebrate You, celebrate the light
and peace of what we already are,
and I celebrate too what rises far
beyond the norm, what through work and care
and talent glitters precious and rare.

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