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All Over The Place Poem

Almost. Almost is the word that comes to mind

When I think about the final tests.

Almost over, almost done, almost there.

Almost nothing in my head, only air.


I’m so scared, I’m so scared,

Return to the place,

Where life is a maze,

And happiness might not be guaranteed.


Stress, stress, stress

Did you give them your address?

In the midst of all this mess

I am stressed about the deal with the devil.


Now, get out of my head.

Can’t you hear what I said?

As I lay in my bed,

You bring nothing but anxiety and tears.


Pain, hurt, ache

While your health is at stake,

And I see your arm shake

You insist that money doesn’t grow on trees.


And he sits, and he stands, and he now understands

That he’s widowed and she’s never coming back.

And he sits, and he stands, as he now understands

That most of his old friends are gone and he might be next in line.


And I write, and I sit, and I sit on my phone

As I wait for the night to come

And I stress, and I cry, and I understand why

People said life gets harder as we grow.

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