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I’m sitting in the Principal’s office again
What did I do this time
Could it be when I was late to class
Or talking too much again
They walk in and tell me I was misusing the computers…..again
Do they really have nothing better to do with their time?
I was texting my friend cause I was feeling depressed
They told me I could have done other things but what?
They took those options away
I wrote poems more often but they started watching me type
So I stopped
I tried talking to my friend during a quiet time when we finished the work, but they yelled at me
So I stopped
What do they want from me?
I’m trying my best to calm down
I’m trying my best to work
But it’s hard when you’re thinking about slitting your wrist
Thinking about dying
So I texted my friend to help me
But they took it away
They called my mom and told her I had detention
Why do they do this to me
There are kids in my class who were playing games or looking up dumb shit
But do they get caught?
But what hurts more is how they react
They told me I’m better than this
That I know better
What if I don’t
How do they know me
Because I was a goodie two shoes in 6th grade?
I’m different now
I’ve been through more
I stopped caring about what people thought
I stopped trying to please people I hated
I’m not afraid anymore to show the dark side
I’m not going to sit there and smile
I’m going to voice my opinion
I’m going to speak up
If that gets me in trouble good
A little trouble never killed anyone

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  1. school was 10 years of agony in a gussied up prison for me. (I actually enjoyed kindergarten and first grade.) My REAL LIFE began when I got out of there. Thanks for sharing…your REAL LIFE will begin when you get out of there. Are you ready?

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