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Pac & Smalls

Pac & Smalls

can’t sleep got these two in my mind a surreal moment caught in the nature of time
Pac from the East coast rolling with the holy ghost up in the crib a reason to forgive
Smalls west coast boogy down with the socks that homeboy do think a lot give props
they both met so don’t forget that rap game locked it was torn up chemistry take it deep

Pac started off as a normal poet as you know it then took his flames to the hood all good
Small was a physical director grand caped crusader always polished was in his nature
they both gravite toward lasting fate to hold their own hand to the phone moving fast
spinning the wheels shoot to thrills paying off those large bills popping pills keeping it real

I see Pac & Smalls in a high off cloud looking down I feel there message heavy hands steady
there will never be a pair quite like them so I call them fam think deep my peeps
here there message still dope like out in the streets couples naked beneath the sheets
I still repeat the couple had dancing feet to a word burning in the heart of an artist

pushing up flames of fire in their purest of desire still here Smalls sing,”Juicy”.
what a big mystery how Pac sang, “Keep ya head up” did you forget that great number.
Peeps in the street stand deep onto a different episode the are the heros
Suge Knight lost his battle in prison no telling what hip hop could be

Take it to the streets I stand to repeat I’m not filled with defeat going to take you higher
got bars to follow while I invest in pure gold spinning their old records as never before
now I’ll try to even the score flirting with fire leads to an opened door
like Chariots of fire blown up in its fullest of desire R.I.P. Pac & Smalls we love you all.

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  1. Huge fan of both.

    In fact, Tupac is my favorite poet. I have his book’s etc.

    Biggie was East Coast (Brooklyn).
    PAC from the West (Cali).

    Once I saw the title, I knew I was gonna like this piece.

    Thanks for sharing it!

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