Quite Some While- Breanna Knowling


I’ve been depressed for quite some while,

Life- I ain’t living that same ole’ style,

Hardly any time I’ll crack a smile,

Lucky if you see that,

Done with people, too whack,

Worried about money, but it’s more to life than a stack,

I fall on my back, too much confidence I lack.

Went from looking “like a snack” to smuggling like a rat,

I feel nothing, my heart is numb,

Give up on love as quick as gesture with your finger and a thumb,

Moving down south getting away from the slum,

No matter where I go, it’ll follow me,

No matter where I go it’ll follow me,

I’m an old lonely soul with no backbone,

Try to be oriented but deep down I’m alone,


A stoner,

A slave while depression is my owner,

My friends are dead,

My life, I dread.

A wife? I’ve stead,

I’ll never wed,

I don’t trust a soul,

The amount of significance people hold in my life

Is the size of a mole.

I wanna die but then I wanna grow old,

Why am I so young, but experience in my soul,

I’m wise but I still demise my life,

I’m making money but I still live trif

Hardly suicidal but I’ll still grab a knife,

Wanna die but I still wanna thrive,

Hardly crack a grin, hardly crack a smile,

My name’s Breanna,

And I’ve been depressed for quite a….


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