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Ode To Death


the only true irony
of death we defy
is that life is the only thing
death can’t provide

but with death, we are living
to one day receive
but the living sees death
as the times mouth of greed

but in nature its sewn
before time was alive
before light was a fire
we were destined to die

and defy as we may
we cannot drink stone
for a life we are gifted
we’re bound to disown

and in sorrow, we plead
for our loves to ascend
while desperate we hope
of a life with no end

and those gone, they remind us
our souls come and go
and bodies have bound us
to meandering woes

and we, deathly defiant
of this thing we call old
can’t see past the reliancy
tales have told

still, we sleep, praying silent
our eyes will not see
that this death is a tyrant
who swallows our dreams



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  1. Wow, liked this. I’m a fan of this theme with a bit of Emily Dickinson style. Nicely written.

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