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Toxic Familiarity

A familiar face with piercing eyes
I drown beneath a sea of lies
And yet still my hands pass to him
My broken jaw, my bloody grin

A pretty face with ocean eyes
I try my best to survive
But still my hands give to him
Shards of a heart, caving in

I hate this face. I hate his eyes.
I hope this passion withers and dies
And yet still my hands offer him,
All that i have ever been.

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  1. sad and painful… a study in contradiction. well done. you make the reader feel conflicted as well

  2. Disregarding better sense, there’s a pull of a strong magnetic attraction.
    So well penned.

  3. Love the way you focused around their eyes,
    ‘n ran with it throughout the poem.

    Missed word’s written this way.
    Nicely done, my friend.

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