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Rock me till the chill leaves

She told me I would miss her when she’s gone

Whimpering, remembering. I understand that now,

she’s gone.

It’s like I’m buffering and lagging on her memory

Losing someone who raised you, makes you want to run


Run until you run out of your mind

Run until the picture of her face fades and you become blind.

Cry baby, cry baby

She hears you maybe

Rock me grandma rock me front and back till the chill leaves.


The sound of her voice and the taste of her smoke

The thought of death, it all makes me choke.

I am a broken record, I’m playing her words on repeat

I want to run away from the grief until I can’t feel my feet.


I love you more than my life baby

Her life is over now.

I love you more than my heart

My heart is broken now.

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      • DeadBeat

        I feel the same way. I like sad poems. Your Snow one is great too.

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