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How to Love (Song/ Poem) by. Mickey

she had a lotta ****s tryna who done stole her heart
she perfect they only use her to tear her apart *tear her apart
yeh i swear she clean attitude be one fleek
we kick it like I like bruce lee, and we fit like her skinny jeans *just like that

AYYYY, and if she the subway I promise that im her token
we no different like a home invasion im broken(broke in)
I love how her body banging like hulk hogan
yeh she so sharp to the touch no logan(wolverine claws)
and she gone know (I’m loving it) McDonald’s slogan
and she a wave im the flow call us the ocean
and if she wet im gone hold her up like clothespins
man she so icy can’t “let it go” she’s so frozen
she like some flowers something to put ya nose in
see all the others played her like a game and were controlling
but see me ima give you the love that they wasnt showing
and I’m gonna make sure I make away but you ain’t stolen
shawty free I want pin her down like bowling
and if I could I would spend my life with her in slow motion
only so I could enjoy every little moment

see she don taught me how to love
my pain went away when i took her like a drug
17 got m feeling like I don’t wanna be a thug
live a good life like Kanye have dreams to be above

didn’t i say her body bang like thunder
she is HOT girl it ain’t even summer
yeah we gone be the **** but no plunger
yeah best believe that ima love her
told ya she was cold so im her covers

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