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I was the villain, like a mafia don, Megatron, mixed with a megalodon
Dr. Samuel Hayden, the old planet is gone
Been writing for years, so my wordplay, mega strong
My perception changed, millennia short, second long
Greatness inside, sure it wasn’t there, checking wrong
Destruction breeds creation, Wrecking songs
and I’ll keep at it, Illmatic, till the reckoning dawns
Or maybe it’ll be at dusk, seems fitting for twilight
To be the time we enter the goodbye light
Striving for redemption, Before that night
Used to be for the dark, with all my might
When i thought of God,General Zodd, all i had was spite
Maybe the shapeshifter’s apprentice, can become a kite
The future seems dark, But I’ll stay bright
Don’t mean MMA when i say we are fighting the good fight
Felt like Josh Koscheck, top on the world
Then i fought GSP, and that thought-carpet came unfurled

So i went as close to the bottom as i could get, Various chemicals in my s**t
Sober now, still a lyrical cocktail when i spit
Got as much dark power as i could get
Then all at once, the things in the darkness bit
From the pain, an ancient fire relit
Got demons running scared, i am the flame, warm my hands, respite
Used to be i thought i loved the death wish
But i just love taking risks, Personality a duality, like the things on your wrists
And shoulders and lungs, “f*ck it im young” -the old me, from him i sprung
Now im fighting back, Kung
Lao doing lung fire Kung-Fu
If you read/hear this i love you
If they don’t open the door when we knock, run through
feel like Superman, empire state building where i sprung to,
Feel like a lost boy, Peter Pan, just breathe like your lungs do
Miss my last girl, I need her man, let’s see if that wish come true
Rather make peace, but if demons wanna fight, won’t mind, that’s fun too

angel demon
my personality
Call me bipolar, i say duality
Angel just wanna love, Demon burn you like a calorie

sometimes it seems like the angel whisper, and the demon screaming
filled with dark rage, seething
walls of a perceived cage, heathen
not possession, submission, tamed diety within, on a new mission
its up to me to manifest the things for which I’m wishing
Was born in the winter, my strongest element air
i am the god, no need for prayer
my mental to rule all, or so i did declare
if you deny the games existence, are you not still a player
saw the light and the void, at which did i stare

saw null in the light, but eyes closed to the light in the null
slipping ever deeper, into that brain hole
lost most of myself, inside of my skull
warping my expression into a snow troll

guarding the peaks of high Hrothgar
growing ever bitter over a soft scar
inhaling ever deeper, that hot tar
only through the light, have i got this far

But always loved running through the dark
Grew a wildfire, from rebellion’s first spark
lucky i didn’t end up sleeping in the park
Addicted to the way the lost perceived light
chased a waning moon, into the deep night

god dog, toad frog, I’m the thing in between, took me so long

walked through the pit, and out the other side with a guided stride
now here i sit, with a new pride
yet shame for ever becoming that thing i was
the lost were like us, now they want us like them
how could a flower live, if you cut off the stem
Voices sicker than a cigar in phlegm
a tear in the fabric, refused to hem
can only tear further, such as this, them

you don’t want to encounter a vampire or a werewolf, alone at night
one may take you for the other, and thusly smite
not a war for lone mortals to fight
but from one many, and from many unknowable might

some sacred mix of adversary, and savior
Uncanny x men
in each of us Magneto, and Xavier
Don’t know if my damsel distressed, still wanna save her

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  1. “angel demon
    my personality
    Call me bipolar, i say duality
    Angel just wanna love, Demon burn you like a calorie”
    It’s difficult to win battles when one’s got a war (duality) inside.
    A candid and honest write.

    • I find dualism to be beautiful. I’m glad I’m bipolar, even though it’s hard, it lets me do some things I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. My thoughts have to remain pure because if not, they will make me manic or depressive. It makes it easy to tell if a thought is bad or not. It does make it hard sometimes to be sociable, because one moment I’ll be in one spot, and then I’ll have a thought unrelated to the conversation and switch poles. Thanks for reading! 💜

  2. I agree with Lumiere it is an honest poem about mental illness

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