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Jasmine’s arrest the breath in a mild scented breeze
enchanting is the hour, romantic the atmosphere.
Remarkable time to blend and become part of the scene.
Magic envelops, drifting and enchanting,
the night’s prepared the stage.

The spirit thrives, in awe the mind observes.
I, a shy-quiet guest, curiously viewing
her covert secret, that can’t be hid.

Revealing mirror is the lake
to her reflecting and bright-overflow.
In white-silk attire the lady’s dressed
her rounded figure this night displays
like a pregnant maiden,
shying from daylight and prying eyes.
Tonight her wholeness in full splendor reveals.
Virago lady has conquered darkness
now in full power, this most regal lady glows,
her magic rules, this and every night.
Long live the queen, the Moon!

Revised June 18, 2021

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