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Shadow Jester of Reldas Isle

He stole, His clothes, names,
Wife, that tortured dove
His soul, as coal
Dealt blows for hollow fame
His life of strife whimpered of in vain
“No sweetness shared?” Teeth bared
“My sweetness, your pain”
Secrets of evil shadow
“I know well, the price of life.
Your wealth is rife, I drink before I tell.”
Without care, You’re there, He’ll soon lift the veil.
“Mine forever, having pulled the lever.
Wounds mended
“Welcome to the fever.”
Alone, no blood, just bone, now you carry it thither
Dark power, by the hour, be ready for “The Wither”
Eyes, fangs, Flashed, touched by sharp twins of winter
The Halestorm serving The Malestrom
Lead by some hinter.
“Justice? It just is.”
“The ancient slave died of a splinter.
Inconceivable; his pain, Violence and hate.”
Fine, his brain, his violin, and his plate.
“Ice cream, made from blood?”
Flashbacks, as the villain listened and lay dying
A boy tried scream, as his face was caked with mud.
Mommy, Daddy, gone long ago.
“Now, my patrons, for the show.”
“My name? ¿Por Que? Call me… Eternal.
Elliot, would you like something to lift your spirits? You’ve heard it calling, surely, or you’d never have come near it. You are his son, only one, no need to fear it.
He wishes a hug, before he starts anew.”
A continuum game of tag, dying as his touch is true.
Aptikos, The lion and The Owl, tries remembering his name, his companion.
Our poem ends with his scowl.

Dear reader…. coming……………soon
“The Lion of Helios – Under a Hateful Moon”

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    • It’s just head cannon for now but I’m going to make a book based roughly on this poem. Probably a series.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate how you breathe life into this community

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