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I beg him to stop

sometimes theres light, you could call it a spark
But i feel most myself
Lurking in that dark
Im not so kind as i could be domesticated, but fuckin hate it
Nervous to set him free
What’d happen
He loves rap rapping
But when it flares it could really be *snap

Do i think i am so much worse than petty thugs and street criminals?
Not really, but Hellion…
That thing can speak subliminals
People always keep asking me what i plan for life?
Do what the fuck i want
I want you to kiss you with a knife
Isnt that a broken thing to say?
Theres really only one person
My slaying hand would stay
Dreaming of an inferno
That swallows this earth complete
Makes me feel at ease, aint that fuckin neat
Theres got to be another way

Wouldnt it be interesting, to be the devil or some paranormal thing
Instead we are meat men
Stuck on a surface
Even if you make it away,
Space aint exactly perfect.
Im just here to tell the void
“I am a noid”
Everything means none
Isnt it a comforting thought
Something will kill everyone?
When it comes to me?
I just hope its hot
And I hope it sets me free

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