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Suppose I write mostly when I feeling hellish
Suppose that my emotions are a thing that I embellish
I’m not so sure about this selfish thing I gotta sell it
When my minds floating through the sky I lay back and relish it
When I’m hurt a bit I blurt it quick
But alot of the time I’m like well damn my life’s the shit
If it’s a wave I’ll ride that slick
Almost ended up the type to hide and sniff
Now I climb up on the roof and light a spliff
Sleep till I want and hit the gym for free
And I got Hella homies down to ride with me
I’ve got a warm heart enamored by that ice wraith art
Chronicling my happiness, guess I’ll start
Lately I been lifting heavy I shaved my head
Homies keep calling me jonny sins
And like a year ago i was off my shit
See I was on the darknet spending bitcoin
On ketamine from across the sea
Sniffing it in mommy’s bathroom giggling with glee
Then I’m crawling to my room like who’s fuckin hands are these
How did I manage to get away with that Scot-free
I’ve been lucky, awfully
Looking in the mirror like there’s nothing wrong with me
I just realized I might be the man
Cuz my last fling did alot more than hold my hand
Making eyes at me oh I like your shoes
I didnt chase life is hers to choose
She sat in my lap and I might have got her pregnant
I told her I was gonna bust, she ain’t even Tilt her head, shit
I sent her a text
Got a reply from another number
Making threats to me like don’t hit up my girlfriend brother
Hit her up? I might of knocked her up
Her man being Hella reckless tryna knuckle touch
Laugh about it every couple days for months
This little kid doesn’t know I’m straight cantankerous
Anyway I been experimenting
With research chemicals
And I noticed less soreness and more craving for these women’s little holes
Like I’d really prefer to just pick one
But you get locked up and then both play the victim
I didn’t ask for this, why do we even try I love you
Building up emotions till your lover wanna shove you
Miss me with that
I’ll just kiss her lips and lick her snatch
I’m white trash I’m riff raff
There’s not that many men as slick as
might give it a lick but the last thing I’ll do is kiss ass
That’s too much but I am what I am
my whole life in like forty years cram-cram
To be honest these girls can’t offer much more than a clam slam
They’re heads empty in a different spot than mine
I’m not tripping it’s juice they’re here
Im running out of time
God I feel so good
Pink Floyd’s greatest hits
Every chance I get I’m breathing spliff
My best man speaks in freedom
We riding on the zephyr drift

I was 17 wearing sunglasses smoking pot
My girl in the passenger she dyed her hair alot
Its been some time i lost my mind
Thinking thats the best life ever got
When she would be excited to see me
Smile talking fast and throwing herself in my arms
Truth is if i had it id deserve it
Soldier on his post then deserted
Turned into Deidera, i hate her bruh
My art
Is an explosion

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