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Identity Theft

I don’t know who I am
Or, what I am
My skin crawls at the thought of an identity
And oceans cry when I try to find it
However, I am not lost
Merely wandering in the depths of apathy searching for emotion
Hoping for insanity
My body screams but the sobs of the waves drown them out
Demons gnarl at my feet and I welcome them with open arms
Cries of relief follow the tying of ankle weights that I handed them
Because sometimes it’s better to drown
Sometimes it’s better to sink and inhale the discouragement.
The bottom of the ocean can seem like the top of the world when your lungs are filled with despair.
Sometimes you have to kill yourself to find yourself.
Murder the persona to become the reality.
Sometimes you have to break in order to be fixed.
Tear and rip your soul to create a stronger stitch.
And sometimes life is fucking backwards and pebbles feel like bricks being stacked atop your sanity until you finally submit
This ocean will swallow me whole
And I will allow it
Drowning myself to save myself I will die until I have the strength to live again.
Call it internalized suicide
Identity theft
A persona without the person
Can you tell me what’s left?

A heartless man adrift at sea
Driven mad by society
Aware of just how dark life can be
He silently becomes a stranger to normality
His personality his latest casualty
But his brain does not register tragedy
See, it’s a travesty at best
An emotionless wreck
Trying to sail sunken ships back to himself
Hoping to live ever after happily

A sociopath’s masterpiece
Fishing for emotion, in the sea of apathy

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