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a bad habit

I know you in love but I’m just a drug..

a bad habit to leave..

when you sober up..

it all just starts with a kiss on the skin..

and a feeling so tight..

a high making you wish for more time..

but I’m just an illusion of what you took..

I’m the feeling of pills on your tongue and a sip of whiskey to help them down..

not knowing if you’ll wake up cold and alone or warmed and loved..

I got a high so good..

you just cant quit..

you keep telling me..

you need some of my drug..

need some of my love..

need one more hit..

need one more kiss..

need me by your side..

cause I’m always on your mind..

I got you feeling so insanely sane..

but I wish I wasn’t a nightmare in your hand..

you thought you could control a drug so cold..

but got lost in the void..

now you don’t know where to go..

just laying there wishing for some more..

but this loves just a drug..

and baby if it was up to me..

you wouldn’t be feeding an addiction..

thinking this is what you need..

this is why they say never do drugs..

it turn into a bad habit that you need to leave..

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