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I feared

I feared.


I feared that you would look down on me.


I feared that my efforts, massive as they may be,

would be unable to uphold my dreams.


I feared that, perhaps, there were others better than I;

People with natural grace to run this race better,

while trampling me down in their vigour.


Oh, I feared!

I feared my name, my face, my voice, my style

Suddenly, everything about me seemed awkward,

and all who passed by tossed pitiful glances at me.


I feared.

And in that distasteful moment,

My prettiest attire became a well put together pack of rags

My most sincere smile looked strange to me

And my laughter was more forced than the sound of a decade-old clunker.


So, I ran.

I ran away from my ridiculous reality,

and turned away from the reflection I saw in the mirror.

Like my hiding would change anything that stood true,

I buried my head in the sand like the typical ostrich.

“If I don’t see them, they don’t see me!”


But I lied!

My eyes were blinded to the things that stood before me

But they stood there anyway, like men on a mission

I couldn’t see the intense waves that rushed firmly behind me

But soon, these waves brushed me away recklessly

They left me in an aimless land, devoid of anything good.

Yes, that was how I died.



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