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Out Of My Skin

<span;>I wish I could jump out of my skin,
<span;>Put some distance between myself and the demons within.
<span;>I dance with death daily for the feeling of life.
<span;>I chance everything lately with a sickening hope to die.
<span;>Everything’s so Vacant there’s nothing here anymore.
<span;>I find myself so full of hatred I want to disappear with no remorse.
<span;>Unprocessed emotions just piles upon piles. Overwhelms me to the notion of just driving miles and miles.
<span;>Elsewhere or even nowhere in existence.
<span;>Rid me of my self care and just let the screen go black without forgiveness.
<span;>These days are getting so bleak I keep catching myself starting to weep And then moan, exhausted from this shit vessel that’s supposed to be my soul. Torn apart from the hallow toxic house I called my home. Broken from the people I loved at best with every inch I owned even if it was less than every other fighting for that throne. I gave it my all with every ounce of this piece of shit body. For someone who’s  less than me to come up and rob me of every single thing I could possibly give. Now I’m rotten, empty, with no will to live.
<span;>Im cold, bitter, and now I even stutter.
<span;>Fucking crumbling down for trying to love her. Dying inside for missing my son.
<span;>I can’t put into words for the rage you caused after what you’ve done.
<span;>You defeated me. I am broke.
<span;>Everyone be seated please, while I tie this rope. Just let me complete it please once it’s around my throat. I’ll kick the chair and you’ll see it sqeeze every ounce of my hope. I Succeeded to be depleted with no reason or will to beat this conflict that’s beating my mind down. Defeated but cant you see it? I’ve already started to drown.  i dont want to be this! i just want to leave this, World so release me from the clutches of my head. Believe me I’m screaming I belong with the dead.  I’m dreaming to be six feet in the dirt So I can finally get some rest from life.
<span;>Take my last breath and die.
<span;>Forget the memories I’ve kept inside.
<span;>Come out from the place I tend to hide.
<span;>Allow the tears on my face to begin to slide. No restraints I want every emotion to arise. Every truth I consider lies every love that’s a waste of time to surface so I can commit to death just this one last try..

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