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“The Death Of,”Baby Grace”

Read in the headlines today
Of a child now known as, ‘Baby Grace.’
Such a sweet little child of God
Seen in a photo sporting a smile upon
A small pale Angelic face.

She was murdered by her Mother and Father
When beaten and thrown across the room.
Splitting her scull, then was stuffed in a box
Hidden in a shed, which for a month
There became her unwanted plastic tomb.

Then taken to the ocean
Box thrown like garbage into the sea.
Baby Grace is no longer living
Never again her sweet smile to see.

Her pleas for help unanswered
As her two parents, administered those leathal blows.
Now Baby Grace is God’s little Angel
With a hallo of light so brightly lit now glows.

She cried out, ‘Mommy I love you! ‘
Hoping that their abuse would somehow stop!
But all this little Baby received from Mom
Was another beating or back-handed pop!

The world will miss you sweet child of Grace
Neighbors and friends never again will see
Your sweet Angelic looking face.

God heard you my child, your cries of, ‘I love you’s’
No more my child to feel the pain
Of those who they called your parents
The one’s who only chose to you abuse.

*God Bless You, ‘Baby Grace.’
‘Rest in God’s arms.’

Linda Winchell

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