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This is a powerful word,

Used in many ways.

Some use it to be helpful,

Others use it to be mean.

I do believe don’t you see,

It’s the way you use yours.

Trying to be helpful,

Stop and listen first.

Give advice to those who ask,

And to the rest good day!

But when you use this knowledge for evil,

People’s feelings will be hurt.

Just because you know a lot,

To some that doesn’t matter.

Never try to make the one,

Who is close to you

Feel their knowledge

Is unimportant.

To most you might be,

Smart as hell, you see.

To us that really know you,

There is no need to brag.

We know you’re smart,

From all the books that read.

But just remember, my knowledge

It comes from the streets.

And so, my point is proven,

We are equals just the same.

Neither of us better,

We can help each other out.

When I feel the struggle,

You’re always there to help.

When your lost out in the streets,

Please remember me.

No need to think your better,

You’re just the same as me!

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