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I want to write a letter.

Maybe even two.

Put one in a bottle.

The other in the mail.

Each time the bottle washes up

Onto the beach you see,

I hope each person finding it

Will add a message too.

Both will have a message.

Starting with these simple words:

I miss you and I hope

Life has been good to you.

You could fill me in on your life,

How happy you have been.

I would fill you in on my life,

And how happy that I am

To have found someone

Like you, to love me all my life.

I would tell you how

Before you came along

My life was sad and lonely,

No one to call my own.

You fill my life with so much love,

Like nothing I have ever known.

I hope that when this mail

Reaches you, you will see

All the different people who have

Added a word or two.

I wonder if they know

Just how kind you are.

How lucky they are

To have you in their lives.

I know if they read the

Message that I sent to you

There will be no doubt

The kind of person that you are,

And want to be your friend.

So in my closing comments

A few words for you to read:

Thank you for being the kind

Of friend you are and

For making me feel safe and loved

And happy after all

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