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How come I feel

like I am trying really hard.

Not getting so upset,

when you decide to drink.


But when it comes to

The thing I need from you.

You act like it’s a bother,

to do this simple thing.


To me it shouldn’t matter

if you smell alcohol.

What should matter is

that I do

and we both agreed.

to at least half a night

in the other room for you.

But my dear please understand,

I can sleep in there too.


Although this might feel

like a punishment to you.

Firing me it’s one less trigger.

that keeps me down.


This won’t be forever.

just until I figure some things out.

So please my love I ask you.

to be patient and respectable

in this task


I love you and I pray this will only happen.

make us stronger.

If we hold strong

and work this shit out.

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