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Science Test

“Pop quiz!”

Its judgment day

Everybody’s nervous want to run away.

The kid who didn’t study

The kid who didn’t sleep

The kid who’s in the hallway to go privately weep.

The teacher says “It’s kinda hard.”

There goes the shard.

Of stability, of hope,

No just humility.


Everybody’s cryin‘

Or beggin’ 

For mercy

Am I the only one the courtesy to

hide away.

Hide away from my problems.

Hide away and leave them be.


I’ve failed, 

Big fat F

I don’t wanna talk about it.

Why haven’t you left?

Yeah, I’m laughing. 

I’m crying.

It feels like I’m dying.

“It’s not that deep”

“Girl just relax.”

There goes my grades, I’ve paid the tax

For not studying

For neglecting my duties as a student.

Teacher, if you’re so good, 

I’ll let you do it.

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