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Spontaneous Combustion #1

“You’ll be back. Promise?” Mal asks sweetly despite the loneliness already overwhelming her.


Mal’s throat has begun to ache. She is afraid to hold him responsible for the hope she


must live with if she hears those words: I promise.


That’s why when she sees his lips move she catches them abruptly with her own.


“I could have fought piranhas for you…” Jack says.


He pulls her closer. “I will forget you, Mal.”


“I know it’s your thing. You can’t help it,” Mal gets off the car hood so she can stand and face him.


“Give me…” she says.


Jack takes her face in his hands. Eskimo kisses for her freezing nose.


She pulls him against her, so she can have a soft bite on his lip.


Never fails to make him smile. He wants her to be his favorite, always.


And maybe, she can.


“I can always remember you, Mal. I can promise it,”


“You can’t. We stop to matter after a long time,”


“You always got a way for things,”


Mal looks at him hard.


She wants him to be the love of her life.


“Will you cut off your pinky for me?”

“Are you going to keep it?”


“… forever. Forever, even when one of us have to go away…

I have Pa’s PVC cutter in the trunk, ”


Before Mal goes to get the thing that will marry them , Jack exclaims with a better idea.


” You can have my pinky sewn to where yours used to be…”


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  1. Was not expecting that ending.
    This is true writing.
    I loved the entire piece.

    Well done, my friend! 👏

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