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Need to heal

I disappointed myself, you disappointed me too.

I’m done giving you treats,

you don’t deserve it,

go eat the pleasure you get from devouring every moment’s bliss.


Each emotion i emote,

you couldn’t wait to squeeze.

Every attempt to mend each other’s grieve,

you drained it, –

you are the ever seeking sieve.

What is it you want me to give?

even though each moment we live together

is what we truly need.

Every time, –

I go out of my own way to get you pleased.

What is it you really need?

What is it you want me to feel?

Share me the seed,

so I can know how it feels.


Please, let’s be at ease,

enough with the garbage,

let’s clean out each other’s debris,

Go out and feel the freshest moment’s breeze.

Check out the trees and admire the energy they give,

It’s enough time we basked and reveled,

In the shadows of each other’s screams.


It’s time we screen out these things,

and make each other’s wishes, –

Enrich the stitches of our scars in the past.

It was time i came clean,

This is how i truly feel;

A perfect capture of a picture that’s still,

Every rift and rupture and what it steals,

That’s why I need time to grieve.

I’ll send you some money still,

take my heart and rip it with it,

cause i know you want to see my weep.

But my tears aren’t what often drips,

Love and hate are the bitter- sweet that makes us breathe.


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