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Queen’s Anthem (or A Cure for Madness)

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The cries of the panicked reduced to gentle whispers
Aptly in tune with a song that quells the winds of winter
A subtle melody, nothing melodramatic
Anything problematic disintegrates when you’re singing with her


We give an ounce of respect by way of our attendance
Quick to critique and dissect the pain of her ascendance
She uses words, yet we wonder about the ones she doesn’t
Beyond the cracks of her door, far from a dime a dozen


One could be weak at the knees or lose their sense of time
A madness cured by her passion, eager to get in line
And from the ones looking in, her character’s a blessing
She’s inexplicably bright and keeps you second-guessing


A feeble blossom of light aims to illuminate us
Tales of her tragic life seek to teach and rejuvenate us
This world is out of order; chaos became the norm
Hanging the weak at the border to face the coming storm


To the Girl with a heart that beats for friends and lovers
whose selfless acts make it easy for patients to recover
To the Woman who hopes to find her missing slipper
and dance a waltz with her soul praying it doesn’t trip her


To the Warrior Princess facing her darkest days
unafraid to whip the wickedness from the onyx maze
To the Queen getting crowned and seated at her throne
we close our eyes and embrace her stimulating tone

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  1. What a piece of work! You are very talented! I am so pleased to have come across this beauty…It flowed so well and just wow! This is such a bad ass piece of writing 🙂

    • That’s truly very kind of you to say, fellow poet. Thank you so much! That’s a truly motivating review and I’m glad that it resonated with you to the level that it did :’l

  2. You always manage to create a masterpiece. Must say you were one of my inspirations in writing at the old site and you continue to do so. This is truly awesome stuff here! Great job!

    • Jarod your support is super appreciated. Thanks so much for the kind words bro 🙂

  3. I feel like I entered some kind of a portal & I’m reading poetry from this parallel universe.. well, it’s mostly similar to ours, but the view is somehow different.. I hope you’re already working on some background music for these, because I hear it in my head & its fckn amazing (:

    • Haha, I sure am 😉 here’s to more creative writing. I have this “new story” itch, but I really need to focus more on saying more with less. We’ll see if things play out the way they do in my head haha. Thanks for reading, bro!

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