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Willingly lost in this hidden collection

A land-e-scape of lust to grant me consolation

within dreams of plastic bodies,

ardent sighs & growing heat

I burn, somehow just not alive,

though I still breathe


soul in a coma, the pillow bites the brain

with teeth of freezing quiet

bleeding lips of Cain

whispering to a fallen man

that still hasn’t forgotten the boy

Revived by watching others

Pretend to enjoy


Easily I forget how I fall after each storm

Easily I erase every trace of where I’ve gone

Yet you still haunt a sleepy mind

A prayer or a wraith?

So vivid when my days are long, twisted

& without faith


& I yearn to know what wonders you would bring

Though I always needed less

Backtracking just to lose myself again

Unsteady on my long return to consciousness


A half-rotten spirit made you its shrine

Invoked through a sin, yet you age like wine

Inspiring a broken man

Still wrapped up in white

Ripped between his fears

& a wish

for a lifetime of delight



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    • Come on man… Seriously? You have to set the bar that high?? Sir, you’re putting everybody else to shame with that kind of splendid work.
      Everything here sweats genius, your style is undeniably great and the content is each time more elaborate.
      Poetfreak, where amazing happens. No copyright infrigement intended.

      • NB NB

        I’ve been sleeping for too long, I gotta be splendid lol & yeah, I agree, PF is one of the wonders of the world.. you know I can’t thank you enough.. it’s impossible.

  1. You are like the sleeping giant. The idea that you “wake” with poetry is something I’ve always thought about you – an undeniable talent masquerading as a careful observer. You balance yourself between dreams and reality and you use poetry to share what you’ve learned with us. You sir are The Dreamscape Artist. Masterclass in your field, my friend.

    • NB NB

      I don’t think it can getter better than Dreamscape Artist for me.. & I don’t need to hear anything else.. thanks for being here & following my work, & thanks for all the reviews.. 🙂

  2. Dude, pass the lifetime of delight!

    No, seriously. I want some.

    Why do I NOT think this way??
    Amazing would be a under statement.

    • NB NB

      that did not come from the most pleasant experience, nor some dream I’d wish to fulfill, but I guess it sounds pleasing nevertheless.. thanks, bro, I really appreciate it 🙂

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