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heh coz I like this one

Yeeah I smoke weed and get stoned to my bonez till I choke and cant breathe, up inside this black cloak, snorting up soulz like coke with no nose till my frontz covered in blood, just one more dose, I dont wanna laugh but I cant help grinning, tell myself itz not the drugz in my system winning, itz just me, and my mess, but when I look in the mirror, all I can see is Death, still grinning, somewhere somethingz funny I guess, maybe an inside joke between the dead and lifeless, but a life like this, with my likeness is one of a kind, itz priceless, I keep track of the time and keep a list, of whose gonna die next and when, keep a scythe in my grip, im alwayz behind you, alwayz one step ahead, feel my breath on the back of your neck yet?? haha your all on my list just waiting to be checked and anyone of you could be next, coz life is fleeting, and when im feigning, yo my habit need feeding but like they say, grim reaping aint ezi

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  1. You’re a mess!

    Haha M’dude..
    The fortune scheme here was crazy.
    I was well entertained!

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