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Voyagers (from a better time)

we are the new voyagers
we fill our own sails
the winds do not own us
we put forth our dreams
our guts with wild abandon
no inhibition of person or land
can hold back this fleet of tomorrow
through might of mind we leave the shores
we cut up the seas, our hearts the breeze
left behind all that refused to take the chance to find a better world
so in the end, theyve got themselves to blame
we just left the port of the lost ones
its risky but we wont lose hope
the only cost worth paying for
is the one you charge your heart
as we charge into our future
we are the next architects
we will lay the foundation of the new world
you could teach us how, or not
regardless, we go onward
with the dream of a millenium
we may seem alone before we launch
but one million tiny boats becomes a fleet
a million beating hearts become a drum
we row in time to our dreams of life
and regard our future with pride
sink or swim or float or sail
i swear to god ill never fail
to try

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  1. Oh wow there are so many lines I could quote here, but let me say that this is a solid write. Very well written. I like the idea of the voyagers and how “we fill our own sails, the winds do not own us”
    One of the best writes I’ve read in a while. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • im glad you enjoyed. actually i originally wrote this violently on top of my planner because i was so done with school and deadlines and ten page papers! one of my best writings i think, inspiration really seems to come late at night during a breakdown.

      • I’m honestly telling you this, one of my favorite poems that I wrote that I am so proud of and consider my best, I wrote it when I had one of my hardest finals the next day and I was just done with all the stress so I just wrote down a poem about this thought that I’d been having for a while and immediately felt so much better after..
        Idk why I’m telling you all this, but yeah I definitely hear ya 😀

      • ahaha wow thats a writing prompt im totally about to use. (you can too if you want lol)

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